Creative Concepts

We support enterprise growth through activating and involving external innovation capabilities to solve business and technological challenges.
Think previsuals, Styleframes and conceptual design.

Parametric Music Templates

PMT's are 2WA's unique products: realtime music for innovative companies. If you need beautiful endless music, which responds to the environment, PMT's are for you.
Used by creative studios like
PMT's are also used for Coca Cola's Fuzetea realtime installations across festivals:

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Gflo suite

The Gflo Suite is a set of tools (see below), which represents 2WA 's past successes. It's ethos is: "Spreadsheets are awesome" Spreadsheets (unlike application development) are amazingly useful and flexible .
Especially, when 2WA automates them with spreadsheetbots, scrapers or mobile webinterfaces.

Gflo Paper apps

Ever tried running an app or website on a 3 year old phone? Big changes are, that it doesn't work. This is because most websites are designed desktop-first with the latest and greatest.
We believe mobile-first and simplicity is a better approach these days. 2WA delivers fast apps for android + the web which focuses on backwardscompatibility. btw. you're looking at an Gflo paper app right now.
Oh..and have you noticed this website is available offline too?

Gflo spreadsheetbot

Besides all promising new technology, the spreadsheet is still the fastest way to innovate. What if it would be a robot? Imagine if your spreadsheet could send out emails with generated PDF's attached, for each spreadsheet-row? How about enriching certain spreadsheet-columns with data from the web?
Forget application development: think in spreadsheets with 2WA.

Gflo dashboard

All your spreadsheets and gflo applications in one backoffice. Also, most other websites can be added to gdashboard as well.
The personal edition is available for free in the chrome webstore (chromebook users only).

Pagespeed Gsheet-addon

Marketing analytics-tool for SEO and SEA specialists.
Run Google's Pagespeed API (lighthouse) in batch on urls defined in a sheet.

Gflo developer

This will add webdevelopment-features to your Gflo app, so any html/css developer can add features:

  • ES5/ES6 javascript support
  • Vue.js webcomponent support
  • Automatically generated REST-api
  • easy forms and dialogs
  • You can customize everything of your current Gflo.